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Ruby Tuesdays: Open mic magic in York

We’re working with Chris Helme on digital PR for his own music (or we will be soon at least) but last night Noble and Wild headed back to York to deliver a small gift to the open mic… Read More

Harkive 2015 – the world is listening

Yesterday (21 July) was the third annual Harkive day, the global survey of how, where and what people are listening to. The project aims to show how music listening is changing in the digital age through a ‘mass… Read More

Sounds of the City: York

This week I made the trip up to York to catch up with Chris Helme and hang out at his open mic night, Ruby Tuesdays. Not a bad way to spend a couple of days mid-week in summer… Read More

Albums of the year 2015: Part one

I usually post my mid-year and end of year album lists on my personal blog but it feels right to post them on Noble and Wild this time round. It’s a bit more music-y over here right now!… Read More