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You’ve been working away on your music and you’re ready to unleash it on the world. But no matter how many Facebook posts you do your Bandcamp sales don’t clock up. You’ve sent a hundred emails to every blog you can find but you’ve had no reply. Hours spend on festival applications but there’s no summer fun in the diary for you. Should you start an email list or order more merch? Did that promoter pay enough to cover petrol and how did that other band get such great playlisting?

We’ve worked across the music industry as an independent record label, artist manager, live promoter, journalist, PR and musicians. We know how hard it is to be an independent musician and we’re here to help. We can support you to create and distribute your best music, connect with an audience who want to buy and share your songs, get coverage online, in print and on the radio, and earn a living from what you do.

Are you ready?

Unfortunately we can’t work with everyone. We’re looking for independent artists who are ready to take their career to the next level – whether that’s your first gig, or your tenth release and getting it to bigger audiences.

Wherever you’re at in your career you’ll be ready to take control and put the effort in to the right places to get your music out, get it heard, and make you money. You might not want to be the next Ed Sheeran but you want to have a sustainable career, play great shows, have supportive fans, and work with other exciting people.

“Having worked with Sarah for a number of years now all I can say is it’s been a blast. Sarah’s honest creativity and diligence has paved the way for some glorious projects and hopefully more to come.” – Chris Helme (The Seahorses)

Ways to work with Noble and Wild


If you need an extra pair of hands to help you with your next release or get set up so you’re ready for the next step we have a number of ways we can work with you.

Music promotion: PR and direct to fan marketing

Our music promotion packages cover music PR, plugging and playlisting alongside digital and direct to fan approaches so you can be sure you’re gaining coverage to gain new fans but also reaching the audience you already have.

Introducing: first coverage for new and emerging artists

If you’re looking for your first pieces of coverage and airplay then our introducing packages are designed for you. Low cost and run over a longer period of time we’ll work with you on features you can pitch ready-made, as well as use our network of contacts to get you in front of the right people.

If you need photographs, graphic design or videos we have an extended team we can turn to so that you have everything you need.

Alongside we’ll give you any support you need to get your digital profiles in the best position, and share knowledge with you on how to get the most for your efforts on them.

Prices start from £100

Release PR and promotion

Whether it’s a digital single, a CD EP or a full vinyl release of an album we can work with you to build a release campaign across print, online and radio including advertising as well as coverage where appropriate. We’ll help you reach new audiences through the right music press and we’ll work with you to reach your existing fans at the right moments through your

If you need photographs, graphic design or videos we have an extended team we can turn to so that you have everything you need.

Prices start from £300.

If you’d like to discuss how we can work with you get in touch and we’ll put together a package which suits where you’re at as an artist and the budget you have available.

“Sarah was fantastic at targeting the right writers and blog owners for our music, which meant we got more coverage than we’d ever had before.

“She didn’t just fire out a press release to everyone and hope for the best, she instinctively knew what type of coverage would work best for us.

“She kept us in the loop at every stage of the campaign and we’d definitely utilise her skills and relationships on any future musical projects.” – The Hudson Super Six

Artist development and skill sharing

Working out where to put your efforts as a DIY artist can be one of the harder aspects – do you get more gigs, or try and get more coverage? Do you keep releases to Bandcamp or look to get a physical release made? More merch or more recording sessions? Our focus sessions can help you go through your options and find the right route for you.

Focus session: from strategy to skills

In just an hour session we can help you work out what success looks like to you, where to put your focus to get there, and what you need to help you. Or – if you’ve got a question about an aspect of promotion, or running your band, we can use this session as training and knowledge sharing to help you pick up new skills.

An hour’s session starts at £30.

“Highly recommend Sarah Lay – from our own experience, she’s absolutely excellent at mentoring, advice and inspiration!” – Silvi Wersing, Chorusgirl

Get in touch to have a chat about how we can best support you and your music.

Support for independent record labels

It’s all about collaboration not competition – with experience in A&R, artist management, and campaigns at her own label Sarah Lay can offer this expertise to other independent labels in order to better support their roster of artists.

Whether it’s getting online presence updated or you’re looking to reach new audiences through coverage online or airplay, or you need a critical friend for advice on distribution or artist development – we can help you to help your artists find success. Get in touch to find out more.

Workshops and events

Noble and Wild founder Sarah Lay runs a number of events from small group ‘ask the expert’ sessions to courses held over a number of weeks. By bringing in her contacts and sharing her knowledge of the music industry Sarah can help you find success as a musician by showing you how to best spend your time, money and efforts. View upcoming events

Sarah is also available for public speaking and guest lectures. With experience across the international conference circuit and as an experienced trainer in everything from one-to-one to classroom to presentation style you can get in touch here if you’d like to talk about opportunities.

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