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Noble and Wild offers music PR and social media to unsigned and independent artists and labels. We specialise in working with emerging womxn artists and others who may struggle to have their voice heard, and help cut through the noise to connect you with your audience.

Founder Sarah Lay is also head of creative and label manager for record label Reckless Yes and has had a 20 year career as a music journalist, and digital specialist. As well as working in the music industry she’s supporting the public sector, NHS, and High Street brands get their message to the right people at the right time.

We want to support artistsĀ in an industry which often undermines them and so we offer music PR on a commission basis (you pay for the coverage you get, not what you might get) and can help you make the most of your social media and streaming profiles too. If you’re on top of promotion but need some direction you can get the benefit of Sarah’s experience across the industry and in building bands from 0-5000 sales with one of our strategy sessions.

We only ever work with artists who we think we can add value for – if our contacts book doesn’t match your sound, or we don’t think you’re ready for our services then we’ll let you know. And we only ever take on a small number of artists across a year so you always get our full attention and your music is supported by a focused team. Sound like we might be who you’re looking for? Get in touch.


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