Unqualified Nurse Band – coverage round-up

unb_debasement_tapes_for_webOn behalf of Reckless Yes Records we’ve been working the launch campaign for the debut album from death surf trio Unqualified Nurse Band.

Out now digitally and released by Reckless Yes on ltd coloured vinyl on 14 October 2016 the online press and radio campaign has garnered high praise for the band and the album.

You can order your vinyl copy of Debasement Tapes from Reckless Yes now or find it digitally via Unqualified Nurse Band’s Bandcamp page.

Coverage for Unqualified Nurse Band – Debasement Tapes

  • “…fast, intriguing and bloody loud! A thrilling and ear-shattering debut. Great stuff!” Louder Than War Magazine – September 2016
  • “…menacing swirl of the late, great Groop Dogdrill’s swagger, Nirvana’s noisy pop nous and streaks of East Bay Ray’s shimmering surf guitar.” Team Rock on Getting Sweaty
  • “Debasement Tapes proves why Unqualified Nurse Band are one of the most exciting bands in the country, these twelve tracks coming in at less then half hour show the many facets of the band. From their swaggering rock n’ roll their riff laden heavy rock to their incredible garage rock it has it all, a truly wonderful record.” Louder Than War
  • “This debut from Unqualified Nurse Band is full of fast riffs, urgent and pained filled vocals and discordant music…a thrilling and loud affair.” God Is In The TV
  • “They’ve said it themselves: they could’ve written a whole album of sub two minute punk manifestos of anger, but what would be interesting about that, when you can dissect the history of rock’n’roll instead. When you can crowbar dirty bitch guitar hooks and angular new wave, boogie woogie and surf pop sensibilities onto a bench with the metal fat bastards, why settle for being one thing?” Words and Guitars
  • “…a heady mix of early Cribs, The Fall and New Wave hooks…”  Hidden Herd on My Boots Are Shakin’ 
  • “With the whole of rock n roll history spread at their feet it would be easy to stand still and stare. But that doesn’t seem to be part of the Unqualified Nurse Band DNA; like magpies they are restlessly collecting all the shiny pieces of the past and gather them together to form a glittering new sound. There’s no doubt that this debut is one of the best rock n roll albums to be released in 2016.” storge.co.uk
  • “Debasement Tapes isn’t a release that requires massive analysis of its hidden depths (although there are plenty) it is an unashamed, direct, brutal assault on the senses.Like all great rock n roll should be.” The National Student
  • Interview with Vents Magazine
  • Airplay on Tom Robinson’s Freshnet on 6Music
  • Louder Than War albums of the year list 2016 (number 47)
  • Louder Than War ones to watch 2017 list
  • Kool Strings Best of 2016

You can order your vinyl copy of Debasement Tapes from Reckless Yes now or find it digitally via Unqualified Nurse Band’s Bandcamp page.


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