Noble and Wild was founded and is run by Sarah Lay. We’re focused on supporting independent artists and labels find success on their terms.

You can find out ways we can work together here and Sarah is always happy to chat about where you’re at with your music.

About Noble and Wild

Sara Lay by I C Things PhotographyMy name is Sarah Lay and I’m the founder of Noble and Wild.

I provide to independent and DIY musicians by giving them support and products to help them develop as artists, promote their releases and create sustainable careers.

I’ve found that most musicians would love to reach a wider or more engaged audience but don’t have the time or skills to do it all themselves, or the budget to bring in traditional teams. I support them through resources, courses and packages tailored to their approach and budget to help them hit their goals and get back to making and playing music.

I was barely a teenager when I heard the Manic Street Preachers’ From Despair to Where on the Radio 1 Chart Show and what I’d felt for a while was decided – a life in music was for me. I started writing about music soon after and have since been editor of Louder Than War and contributed to publications including Drowned In Sound, Loud and Quiet, Gigslutz, The Guardian, Echoes and Dust, and Get In Her Ears. From writing it was an easy step into live music promotion, supporting artists with their PR, working as an artist manager and eventually co-founding independent label Reckless Yes – home to LIINES, Fightmilk, Chorusgirl and Mark Morriss among others.

As well as gaining all this experience (and having amazing experiences) across the music industry and in DIY scenes I’ve had a successful (and award-winning) career in digital communications and experience design working with the public sector and high street brands to make the most of social media and having the right conversations with the right people in the right place. I’m obsessed with connection, with possibilities, and with exploring how technology can change the way we work and live (for the better, hopefully avoiding any SkyNet situation).

Sarah Lay by I C Things Photography

I founded Noble and Wild (yeah, it’s named after a Charlatans lyric) as a way to support independent musicians to make the most of what they do – to be the extra pair of hands on their release or help them work out where they go next with their career. Whether you’re gearing up to put your first track out there or you’re readying to play in front of thousands, whether you’ve been playing a short time or have had a career spanning decades, I’d love to hear about your music and your idea of success.

You’ll find me living the quiet village life in Derbyshire surrounded by words and music, dreaming of possibilities and finding new ways to make music work for artists and fans. I look forward to hearing your music soon – get in touch here.

* Images by I C Things Photography – if you’re looking for band photography we highly recommend Ian.

What others say about working with Noble and Wild

“Having worked with Sarah for a number of years now all I can say is it’s been a blast. Sarah’s honest creativity and diligence has paved the way for some glorious projects and hopefully more to come.” – Chris Helme (The Seahorses)

“Highly recommend Sarah Lay – from our own experience, she’s absolutely excellent at mentoring, advice and inspiration!” – Silvi Wersing, Chorusgirl

“Having worked with indie record label Reckless Yes on various releases, we know that Sarah who co-runs the label is a total goldmine of information on all things PR, press and DIY (mainly because they’ve supported their artists to experiment and they know what works and what didn’t)” – Snug Recording Co.

Find our current roster here and more testimonials from our past roster here.