You Want Fox – Liar Liar coverage round-up

You Want Fox Liar Liar artworkYou Want Fox single Liar Liar was released digitally via Reckless Yes on 10 March.

This campaign covered online and radio.

  • John Kennedy – X-Posure on Radio X
  • Charlie Ashcroft – Audition on Amazing Radio
  • “bold and heavy rock riffs paired with catchy pop choruses” – Louder Than War online feature
  • “The vocals are sweet, the guitars are menacing and the drums back everything expertly. It’s Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ for rock fans. It’s the perfect pop song.” Grrrls With Guitars
  • “‘Oozing sex appeal, but possessing bigger balls than their male counterparts”Hidden Herd
  • “Equal parts lipstick pouts and knife fights, they’re most aptly summed up as Be Your Own Pet meets Melvins”LeftLion feature
  • “a glorious blend of power and sweetness, softness and steel.”Listen with Monger
  • “they effortlessly fuse girly pop sensibilities with the rifferama ding dong of say Royal Blood or The White Stripes. It works so well, as the polar opposites of their pretty harmonies collide with the feeling your arse is being savaged by a snarling rottweiler.”NeonFiller
  • “loud, raucous, but also a whole lot of fun”Even The Stars
  • LOUD WOMEN ezine (March edition) – featured video
  • Girls On The Rock Show, NGDigital
  • Punky Radio
  • Interview with Dean Jackson – BBC Introducing East Midlands
  • Andy Wilbury radio show
  • Pop That Goes Crunch (LA) radio show
  • Radio Lantau (Hong Kong)
  • Nusic (Nottingham) radio show and podcast.

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Pet Crow – A Simple Guide To Small And Medium Pond Life – press coverage

Pet Crow album artworkPet Crow’s debut album A Simple Guide To Small And Medium Pond Life is released on Reckless Yes Records on 24 February 2017. You can buy your copy here.

The press campaign covered online, print and radio as well as online and print advertising.

This is a round-up of coverage for the campaign:

  • “Rapturous guitars and so much more going on there” – John Kennedy Radio X show X-Posure
  • 7/10 album review in Louder Than War magazine (February issue)
  • Charlie Ashcroft Amazing Radio
  • “‘Shake it Out’ is a punk-funk classic dragged straight from the noughties indie dancefloor and transported back to a 60s Sonics gig.”The National Student
  • “Sounding like Patti Smith fronting MC5 times ten”Bearded Magazine
  •  “fun, frenetic and full of verve “- Upset Magazine
  • “Blaring with mind-jarring garage-pop that is infused with no-nonsense riot grrrl sensibilities, the song is anthemic and infectious. It is full of attitude yet there is an undercurrent of innocence.” – The Revue
  • “a great mixture of sixties style garage and surf rock, new wave with a smattering of a more optimistic version of post punk in there too and it is all smothered with an infectious pop sensibility coursing right through it”Circuit Sweet
  • “garage rock but the time signatures give it a bit of an arty twist”LeftLion
  • “Tracks such as Pressure Sores, Bazwatch and Let Your Hair Down are straight up garage rock/ riot grrrl anthems. Where as songs such as Shake It Out add a bass and drum driven groove to show a more The Julie Ruinesq. danceable side to the band.”Storge
  • “A band on the rise and one you will love and adore in no time at all”Circuit Sweet
  • Mention in Loud Women eZine 
  • “There are elements of a myriad of influences and styles: slacker pop in the mould of Menace Beach, drone rock like Hookworms on closing track Absorbed, ’60’s garage bands like The Zombies, and straight ahead punk straight from 1976.”Louder Than War online album review
  • Album of the Week on Kool Strings
  • “Drawling squalling vocals, playful chiming guitar and a rhythm section that is heavy on the cow bell and grooving on the bass lines” – Louder Than War album announcement
  • Circuit Sweet album announcement
  • Two mentions from Derby local online media – best Derby releases of 2016 (for EP Pet Soundz) and releases to look forward to in 2017 (for this album) –
  • Advertising in Louder Than War magazine, online with Storge and Louder Than War.

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LIINES – coverage round up

unspecified-40On behalf of Reckless Yes Records we’ve been working on the single and tour campaign for Manchester post-punk trio LIINES. 

Out now digitally and on 7″ vinyl the double-A of Disappear and Be Here is the band’s first on a physical format and for Reckless Yes, who also handle their management.

You can buy the single in either format here.

Coverage for LIINES – Disappear / Be Here:

  • “Both songs have an inescapable urge with rolling bass runs directly locking in with the vocal melody. While hi-hats and a dissonant guitar mark the offbeats in ‘Disappear’, ‘Be Here’ can boost a bona fide sing-along chorus.”The Quietus
  • “perfect slice of post-punk pop”God Is In The TV
  • “The driving bassline and crisp vocals invoking comparisons to the likes of Savages, LIINES are certainly ones to watch.”Louder Than War
  • “On ‘Disappear’, machine gun snares, pumping high hats blend with screeching jarring guitars in a minimalist post punk symphony, while McVeigh’s voice soars above. The bassline sounds new wave and drives everything forward.”Collapseboard
  • “These dark festival tent stages are perfect for LIINES’ sharp angular assault on the senses.”Even the Stars
  • “‘Disappear’ is a fraught slice of punk rock with echoes of Sleater Kinney, Elastica and Fugazi in the mix. It’s urgent and vital stuff.”The National Student
  • Interview with Are We Alive
  • Interview with Louder Than War
  • “By the end of their live set, the audience are almost as breathless as Zoe, who delivers a performance that lays everything bare and holds nothing back whilst Steph struts effortless cool like all great bass players, visually detached from what’s going on around her but absolutely atuned to her band mates and Leila’s drumming is so often the driving force behind the songs.”Even the Stars
  • “The raw vocals and deliberately dissonant accents of Disappear give the song a heart-fluttering intensity, whilst Be Here provides a shout-along chorus. The two songs are different faces of the same coin, dark and bitter, made sharp by their simplicity. By keeping it simple, LIINES extract the maximum amount of power from their songs. The anger in both tracks is palpable, and the tunes are sure to be a live favourite.”Are We Alive?
  • “‘Be Here’ is one of our favourites from the Manchester based trio,  it’s edgy,snarly “post-apocalyptic pop” (which as a definition probably makes less sense than “post-punk”). Expect them to make  Brobdingnagian strides in 2017.”Von Pip Musical Express
  • “Direct and uncompromsing, LIINES are a band at the top of their game at the moment.”Even the Stars (live review of 26 November Manchester AATMA show)
  • Louder Than War ones to watch 2017
  • Local press from Manchester Evening News and Bury Times.
  • Radio play on John Kennedy (Radio X), Shell Zenner (Amazing Radio), Charlie Ashcroft (Amazing Radio), The Rumble (Radio Andra), The Wildcard Show (FCUM Radio), Unsigned Radio Guide (Amazing Radio), Get In Her Ears (Hoxton Radio), Morphettes podcast, Music Is My Radar.
  • Advertising in Louder Than War magazine (print)
  • Online promotion via Scruff of the Neck, We Are LIINES, Reckless Yes.

Previous press coverage and other information is on the LIINES website.

You can buy the single in either format here.

Unqualified Nurse Band – coverage round-up

unb_debasement_tapes_for_webOn behalf of Reckless Yes Records we’ve been working the launch campaign for the debut album from death surf trio Unqualified Nurse Band.

Out now digitally and released by Reckless Yes on ltd coloured vinyl on 14 October 2016 the online press and radio campaign has garnered high praise for the band and the album.

You can order your vinyl copy of Debasement Tapes from Reckless Yes now or find it digitally via Unqualified Nurse Band’s Bandcamp page.

Coverage for Unqualified Nurse Band – Debasement Tapes

  • “…fast, intriguing and bloody loud! A thrilling and ear-shattering debut. Great stuff!” Louder Than War Magazine – September 2016
  • “…menacing swirl of the late, great Groop Dogdrill’s swagger, Nirvana’s noisy pop nous and streaks of East Bay Ray’s shimmering surf guitar.” Team Rock on Getting Sweaty
  • “Debasement Tapes proves why Unqualified Nurse Band are one of the most exciting bands in the country, these twelve tracks coming in at less then half hour show the many facets of the band. From their swaggering rock n’ roll their riff laden heavy rock to their incredible garage rock it has it all, a truly wonderful record.” Louder Than War
  • “This debut from Unqualified Nurse Band is full of fast riffs, urgent and pained filled vocals and discordant music…a thrilling and loud affair.” God Is In The TV
  • “They’ve said it themselves: they could’ve written a whole album of sub two minute punk manifestos of anger, but what would be interesting about that, when you can dissect the history of rock’n’roll instead. When you can crowbar dirty bitch guitar hooks and angular new wave, boogie woogie and surf pop sensibilities onto a bench with the metal fat bastards, why settle for being one thing?” Words and Guitars
  • “…a heady mix of early Cribs, The Fall and New Wave hooks…”  Hidden Herd on My Boots Are Shakin’ 
  • “With the whole of rock n roll history spread at their feet it would be easy to stand still and stare. But that doesn’t seem to be part of the Unqualified Nurse Band DNA; like magpies they are restlessly collecting all the shiny pieces of the past and gather them together to form a glittering new sound. There’s no doubt that this debut is one of the best rock n roll albums to be released in 2016.”
  • “Debasement Tapes isn’t a release that requires massive analysis of its hidden depths (although there are plenty) it is an unashamed, direct, brutal assault on the senses.Like all great rock n roll should be.” The National Student
  • Interview with Vents Magazine
  • Airplay on Tom Robinson’s Freshnet on 6Music
  • Louder Than War albums of the year list 2016 (number 47)
  • Louder Than War ones to watch 2017 list
  • Kool Strings Best of 2016

You can order your vinyl copy of Debasement Tapes from Reckless Yes now or find it digitally via Unqualified Nurse Band’s Bandcamp page.

OUT TODAY: Great Raven – Magnetic Smoke (NGland)

The new album from Great Raven, Magnetic Smoke, is out today on NGland. You can order this very special album via the band’s Bandcamp page – available either as a download or a limited Cdr in handmade origami sleeve with artwork by Tara Hill.

“like a lost library record with gorgeously honest vocals, subtle electronics & field recordings pulsating throughout”

A concept album of sort the album charts a person’s changing disposition from sunrise to nightfall on a Summer Solstice. It’s influenced by the works of Laurie Anderson, Arthur Russell, Meredith Monk and Karen Dalton.

What the press say:

Great Raven Magnetic Smoke cover“We are spun around through the ages seemingly discovering ancient folk tales and rhythmic patterns that are occult in their feeling, sometimes scary often addictive.” Louder Than War

“In places it’s like Björk with fewer beats and more cowbells, a more nightmarish Laurie Anderson, or even the more experimental, ambient 1980’s output of 1970’s axe hero Bill Nelson.” Boxofpeppers

Great Raven join roster ahead of Magnetic Smoke release

Great Raven Magnetic Smoke coverWe’re pleased to announce that Great Raven have joined the Noble and Wild roster ahead of the release of album Magnetic Smoke.

The album, released on 21 June, charts a summer solstice from sunrise to sunset and tells the story of a person’s changing disposition during that time.

Influenced by Laurie Anderson, Arthur Russell, Meredith Monk & Karen Dalton and from a love of albums including Todd Rundgren’s ‘A Wizard A True Star’ and Van Dyke Parks ‘Song Cycle’, Great Raven are Daisy Temple and Antronhy.

Released on NGland Records limited edition individually numbered CD-Rs in origami sleeves and digital download it will be available from from 21 June 2016.

Press enquiries to

Reckless Yes Records announce first release

BivouacReckless Yes Records has announced they are expanding from their live music events into an independent record label, with a first release due Summer 2016.

RY001 will be a ltd edition coloured vinyl 7″ from ’90’s alt rock legends Bivouac. The single will feature new track Sweet Heart Deal along with a reworking on a track from the band’s heyday Deep Blue Sea Surrounds. More details will be announced soon.

Paul Yeadon, frontman of Bivouac said: “We’re excited to be working with Reckless Yes on the release of the single; an independent label run by people who are passionate about music and want to work with us in a way where we get to keep our integrity and creativity.”

Reckless Yes Records

Reckless Yes RecordsReckless Yes was founded at the start of 2016 by Peter Darrington (bassist in Cable and The Hudson Super 6, music journalist and broadcaster) and Sarah Lay (editor of Louder Than War – and boss here at Noble and Wild).

They are running live music events including a bi-monthly DIY style night called Six Impossible Things and touring shows for band’s including Bivouac. The duo also DJ together.

Pete said: “Launching Reckless Yes as a record label is exhilarating and it’s an honour to be starting our catalogue with a band I admire.

“I’m thrilled to be working with Bivouac. They inspired me to be in a band and were not just an influence musically but also mentors. A brilliant band with songs to die for whose comeback material proves they’re still relevant today.”

Reckless Yes by Kristen GoodallSarah said: “Bivouac have meant a lot to me and Pete, in different ways, over the years and so to work with them on the hometown show of their summer tour was a thrill in itself.

“It’s been a wonderful surprise to us to now be putting out their new material, and becoming a record label feels like a very natural next step for Reckless Yes.”

A full press release is available here: Reckless Yes Records to release Bivouac single (PDF)

All press enquiries to

The Joy of Six: The Hudson Super 6 added to roster

The Hudson Super 6We’re delighted to announce The Hudson Super 6 are joining the roster at Noble and Wild.

Formed out of the ashes of Cable, Iris and Scribble, The Hudson Super 6 have a great, dirty blues rock sound. They released their debut 7″ and mini album for Sumo Construction in 2005 and 2006 respectively.

The band has also released a full length debut album, produced by Paul Tipler (Cable, StereoLab, IdleWild, 80s Matchbox, Earl Brutus etc), called “This Black Heart Beats Faster Than Yours”.

The band are currently working toward their third album which will be released on the Ingue label.

We’ll be working with the band on their social media and digital PR.

You can see them live supporting Bivouac at their comeback, hometown gig in Derby on 16 June – more info on this gig here or get your tickets here.


Netsounds premieres Bentcousin Freak Scene

Netsounds has premiered Bentcousin’s cover of the Dinosaur Jr classic Freak Scene.

They said: ““Bentcousin swap the slacker tornado indie rock guitars of the original and perform laid back synths, beats and blips under a disco ball that breaths new life into the song. It’s so different from the original that it’s practically a new song.”


The self-titled debut album is out on Friday 19 February via Team Love.

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Lifetime Achievement shortlisting for Sarah

Noble and Wild founder and boss Sarah Lay has been shortlisted in the Comms2Point0 Lifetime Achievement Award for her work across music PR, music journalism and also in digital communications. The award is now open to public vote – vote for Sarah here.

Sarah has worked in both music journalism and digital communications for the last 15 years and the award recognises her success across both industries.

She is currently editor of and associate editor of Louder Than War magazine as well as an influential digital content strategist in local government. Read more about her career here. At Noble and Wild Sarah brings together her experience from across both industries in order to support artists with their own communication and provide music PR and live promotion services.

The public vote is open until 17 November and the winner will be announced on 3 December 2015. We hope all Noble and Wild clients past and present will support Sarah by voting. Vote for Sarah here.