The Hudson Super 6 – Ride The Tiger EP coverage

The Hudson Super 6 Ride The Tiger EP artworkThe Hudson Super 6 EP Ride The Tiger is due for digital release on 9 June 2017 via Ingue Records.

This campaign covered online and radio and coverage will be updated as it is available.

  • “They describe themselves as ‘dark ‘n’ dirty porno blues rock’ and there is a certain muckiness to this new one, which might just be the best thing they’ve done so far” – Hidden Herd
  • “they mercilessly bludgeon your eardrums with some mean and moody rocking it out” – Ralph’s Life blog
  • “a record of punchy and raucous rock music. No drama, no fluff and no filler” – Storge
  • Vents Magazine – EP announcement
  • Circuit Sweet – EP announcement
  • Storge – video announcement
  • Morphettes online radio
  • Ralph’s Life, Radio KC


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